The systematic building of the museum collection began in 2014. Since then, the Danubiana has acquired artwork from artists, collectors and patrons in the form of donations, which in the future will be the attractions which will bring even more visitors to our museum. In the twenty years of exhibiting activity, in addition to our own artwork and the works from the Meulensteen collection, the museum must be able to create the basis for its permanent collection of a quality and diversity that will continue to be attractive for visitors from home and abroad. The Danubiana already owns dozens of masterful and unique works of art donated by Georg Jirí Dokoupil, Hermann Nitsch, Michael Rittstein, Kiro Urdin, Gerard Rancinan, Jirí Načeradský, Rudolf Uher, Ján Hlavatý, Peter Pollág, Marek Ormandík, Robert Vano and others. They form a solid foundation on which we can proudly and enthusiastically continue to build our collection.