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The Brotherhood of Eternal Love

24. January 2020 - 29. March 2020

Pasta Oner is one of the most original figures on the Czech contemporary art scene. Ever a creative mind, Pasta Oner has, in the recent years and in keeping with his graffiti and street art roots which go back to the turn of the millennium, focused on asserting himself within the system of independent and publicly funded galleries. He weds pop-art to cartoon, transcending both categories. Although he touches, at the core of his philosophy, on the principles of post-production, Pasta Oner stands apart from the current trend of post-conceptualism and blazes his trail in the Czech art world as a media-savvy and widely known, if slightly controversial artist. The bulk of Pasta’s work is concentrated in acrylic painting, wall art and the design of spatial objects, sculptures, installations and murals, i.e., large paintings in the urban space.

The work of Pasta Oner presents an original, ironic commentary on contemporary popular culture. Pasta Oner’s traditional themes of obsession with money, sex, religion, luxury goods and the consumerist notions of beauty are translated into new contexts characterised by the technologisation of life, the increasing speed of information and the short attention-span aesthetics of today’s culture. It is into this world, of which Pasta – like all of us – is a part, that he brings his engaged art. His work shows both sides of hell and of ourselves. The interweaving of the concepts of good and bad and triviality and seriousness is the key to Pasta’s thought which surprises us with the blatant delicacy of an endlessly extending arch; a somewhat pathetic Divine Comedy.

Pasta Oner has participated in approximately thirty collective exhibitions and has held eight large solo exhibitions (Peep Show, Man on Fire, Recall, Last Days in Paradise, Neart to Heaven, Stay Gold, Art is Truth, Plan B, Pasta Oner). His forth solo exhibition is the upcoming Last Days in Paradise project to open in November in the Mánes Gallery. In addition to his studio and gallery activities, Pasta has frequently represented the Czech Republic at official cultural and social events abroad. He successfully presented his Candy Shop installation in the Czech pavilion at The Shanghai World Expo in 2010. During the 2012 London Summer Olympics, he was invited by the Czech Centre in London to participate in the “Czech Open 2012: Czech Culture Season in London” event during which he painted a mural and cooperated with local citizens and artists in a community project. In the same year, Pasta was invited by the Czech Embassy in Brazil and the Museu Nacional Honestino Guimarães in the city of Brasilia to participate in an exhibition of contemporary Brazilian art entitled MAB – Dialogos da resistencia. In 2013, a stained glass window based on Pasta Oner’s design was installed in the Mirror Hall within the Lucerna Palace in Prague. In 2014, Pasta Oner created a large mural entitled “Nothing worth having comes easy” and decorated a tramway car in Magnitogorsk, where he was invited by the Czech Centre in Moscow. In 2015, Pasta successfully presented his works in the Saatchi Gallery in London as part of a group show featuring leading Czech and Slovak artists (David Černý, Roman Týc and Masker, to name just a few) and painted the halls of the Prague metro, earning a positive response from the public and the media. Pasta Oner has long cooperated with Amnesty International in the human rights-related Art for Amnesty project and donated his works to charity auctions to raise funds for the VIA Foundation and the Charta 77 Foundation’s Barriers Account.