The Visit of H.M. Queen Sonja and Her Suite

26. October 2010

The Norwegian King Harald V and Queen Sonja visited Slovakia on 25 October 2010. During their three-day visit, an interesting programme was arranged for these honourable guests, aiming to show them the most interesting places in our country. The Danubiana was the first place Queen Sonja visited in Bratislava. Her Majesty came in the company of Silvia Gašparovičová, the first lady of the Slovak Republic. Apart from the exhibition of Jozef Jankovič, Queen Sonja was particularly interested in the sculpture park and the museum's architecture. Her Majesty appreciated the sensitive location of the museum on the Danube, in natural surroundings. She was interested in the shows held at the museum, particularly the exhibitions of Sam Francis, Karel Appel and Magdalena Abakanowicz. The Queen appreciated the idea of an extension to the Danubiana, where a permanent exhibition of the Danubiana Collection could be displayed. Queen Sonja expressed her wish that her visit to the Danubiana would be an impulse for mutual cooperation in organising exhibitions of Norwegian artists at the Danubiana and Slovak artists in Norway.