A permanent exposition is an important element of every collecting institution, and the Danubiana was expanded for this very reason – to provide space for a permanent presentation of our collection of international and Slovak art. We must emphasize that this exposition with its international nature is a true breakthrough, because a similar type of exposition of contemporary (post-war) international art simply didn’t exist in Slovakia. This is due to the fact that museum and gallery institutions had no possibility of acquiring modern and contemporary artwork during the previous regime because it was considered anti-Socialist.

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The adjoining piece of land around the museum forms an isolated area of the peninsula covering 8.000 m2. After a careful consideration, we came up with the idea of laying out a sculpture park. The wide expanse of water, green vegetation, the architectural design of the museum and distant traces of civilisation endow this place with the character of an oasis of peace and intimacy, giving vent to deep feelings. The area surrounding the elongated shape of the peninsula in front of and behind the museum was designed as a park covered with grass and trees, providing a site for outdoor sculptures and objects. Thus the display of artworks in the Danubiana park has acquired a further dimension. The symbiosis of the interior and the exterior indicated in the concept of the building highlights the natural setting and its harmony with humans.

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