V. Hložník, Ľ. Zelina, Z. Hložníková -- CONTINUUM

Mária Horváthová

The exhibition Continuum presented the work of Vincent Hložník (1919 – 1997), a leading figure of the 20th century, jointly with Ľubomír Zelina and Zuzana Hložníková. Hložník’s creative creed was the monumental concept of undebased humanism. He created hundreds of graphic, painting and drawing cycles reflecting his vision of mankind. Hložník is a kind of Goyan visionary with elements of surrealistic language. His later work forms an authentic parallel to Bacon’s new figuration. A large number of the works from his last period were exhibited for the first time and have been donated to the future Vincent Hložník Gallery. The viewers were attracted by forty monumental canvases created by Zelina in the last five years. His painting is replete with permanent motion and energy, combining centrifugal and centripetal forces. It reflects terrestrial and cosmic events. The artist interprets the futuristic message of the avant-gardes in a highly individual way. He has taken up the baton of dynamism, movement and speed as the main vectors of his work. The Hložníks are in Slovak art reminiscent of the Renaissance family in which art is the fate of all its members. Zuzana Hložníková prefers graphic art and perceives it as a space for the visual staging of the human drama. Her dynamic compositions depict consequences of conflicting situations, struggles, fights and suffering.