Svetozár Ilavský -- Satori in Cífer

Svetozár Ilavský (SK)
Svetozár Ilavský
Ján Abelovský

Since the beginning of his artistic career, Svetozár Ilavský (1958) has been designated the most distinctive personality of his generation. The later development and direction of his work have proved these assumptions. Unfettered distinctive painting expression, the combination of diverse aspects and techniques and particularly the synthesis of other artistic media – music, light, motion and sound – have become the territory of his creative expression. He is one of the first multimedia artists; his contact with music in particular is based on his authorship. The artist is also a trained musician and composer. He accurately expressed the wealth of his creative vision and artistic work in his cycle Pleonasm. The diversity of form and content, variety and multi-layered inner differentiation continues in the present exhibition project for the Danubiana. The artist has been working on it for more than two years. This “attempt at a self-portrait of a creative artist” is a statement about the artist himself. Through trivial questions of the present he also raises issues concerning their future existence because the human attributes of man remain unchanged. At the same time his work shows the penetration of the subjective and the universal as one of the contrasts of existence. While creating his artistic vision, Ilavský delved into his own artistic history and he has inventively developed the questions of pleonasm.