Russian ART -- Contemporary Russian Art

Evgeny Berezner
Natalia Tarasova
Irina Tchmyreva

During the official visit of Mikhail Svidkoj, the Russian Minister of Culture, to Slovakia in 2002, he also visited the Danubiana and was enchanted by the exhibition space and the adjoining park. He expressed a wish to present here the most representative exhibition of Russian contemporary art that has ever been held in Slovakia.

In the following months we were convinced that our guest’s wish – common during such visits – was not merely a polite phrase.

The official invitation to negotiations in Moscow, meetings with the representatives of museums, cultural institutions and artists gradually changed into a definitive plan to exhibit Russian art at the Danubiana.

Jevgenij Berezner, the vice-director of the Modern Art Museum in Moscow was chosen to curate this exhibition. His business trips to Bratislava and negotiations with the representatives of the Danubiana and the Bratislava Regional Council were concluded in late 2007 and it was decided that the exhibition would be held in the summer of 2008. Thanks to financial support from the Slovak Ministry of Culture and the Bratislava Regional Council, the visitors to the Danu­biana will have an opportunity to see the best of Russian contemporary art from mid-June to the end of August. The exhibition will present fifty artists and more than two hundred artworks created from 1980 to the present. The selected artists, including Eduard Stejnberg, Vladimir Nemuchin, Ilja Kabakov, Eric Bulatov and other protagonists, will offer a rare opportunity to get acquainted with the art of the country, which is the biggest attraction in all continents where similar exhibitions are held.

During the summer months, the Danubiana Meulensteen Art Museum, Bratislava and Slovakia will be the most frequently visited places by the visitors who consider art to be a part of their lives.