20. January 2018 to 11. March 2018

" …I never thought about the fact that one day even I would look back. And here it is!"

Robert Vano


Robert Vano’s photographic memories are just like his personality - exceptional. They were premiered at the end of last year in Prague on the occasion of the launch of the book entitled MEMORIES. This exhibition featured the first presentation of the colorful side of his photographic work, which is quite unusual for his style. Its intent was to bring something new to the general public and attract attention to the shots taken with the Polaroid camera that he liked to use in the 1970s and the 1980s.
As an important anniversary in the life of Robert Vano approaches, we have decided to bring these memories back to life and present them in all their glory. He stated, “I am extremely glad that I can present the entire MEMORIES cycle for the first time in Bratislava. Although I was born in Slovakia and my memories from the time before my emigration are mostly connected with this city, I have never exhibited here.”
The MEMORIES cycle was created gradually. Vano originally worked on the book, but later he decided to complement it with a photographic exhibition of the same name. This project, which was prepared over several years, consists of over one hundred and ninety color and black-and-white photographs from various time periods. A considerable part of this grandiose retrospective is comprised of photographs taken in New York, Paris and Milan, where the photographer worked in the course of his career. The MEMORIES book and exhibition feature his work since 1968, but they are not presented conventionally or chronologically, but based on the associations of the photographer himself.

MEMORIES are not just ordinary memories. They are a celebration of the past and the present – a rare book and cultural event for lovers of classical and fashion photography.