OTO BACHORÍK Sochy – Sculptures - Paintings

19 June 2004 – 8 September 2004  

The exhibition of the sculptor Oto Bachorík presented a wide range of his sculptures and paintings. The works on view created from various materials were executed in different techniques. The sculptor prefers working traditional natural materials and various types of rock (marble, granite, basalt, andesite and tin) as well as wood. His work as a modeller is very specific: he casts clay and plaster models in bronze, coating the surface with a patina. However, he is intimately familiar with both principles: modelling and sculpting. He gradually shapes, hews and models sculptures, yet he does not trace a concrete form in his real imagery, but rather demonstrates his determination to express ideas. Bachorík perceives sculptures as a materialised space intersected by the lines of time joining the past with the present. He constructs them as archetypal symbolic forms combining real and imaginary messages. The subject matter focuses on several basic motifs: figure, animal, tree, landscape, sailing boat. Bachorík draws inspiration from nature, mountains and water to which he has a deep personal relationship. His sculptures, seated figures, rulers on thrones, winners and guardians control space through their magical suggestiveness. They seem to be withdrawn, reflecting on our concerns – power, a need for protection and harmony between man and nature.

Curators: Oto Bachorík, Vincent Polakovič