Miroslav Cipár -- New Cipár

Miroslav Cipár
Eva Trojanová

Instead of showing a retrospective, Miroslav Cipár (1935) exhibits his latest work. Since 1961, when he graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava, he has profoundly influenced a number of different branches of the visual arts. He emerged onto the art scene with his children’s book illustrations, later he developed a deep interest in painting. He considers the fiftieth jubilee of his creative activities the inspiration to unlock other ‘chambers’ of his creative imagination. The ‘Cipár’ phenomenon represents a whole range of his artistic activities with emphasis on painting, drawing, relief and sculpture. He is presented as a master of line, colour, of superb compositional and shape dynamism, accomplished treatment of material and space. He equally masterfully uses the paintbrush, pen, pencil, metal, wood or plaster. His oeuvre convinces us of the universal reflection of the artist relentlessly seeking new contexts and relationships in a creative rendering of the world.