His Own Way

Jan Kaplický (CZ)
19. September 2011 to 26. February 2012
Eva Jiřičná
Eliška Kaplický

By philosophy and nature, Jan Kaplický was mainly an architect, but his typical creative touch can be seen in many other artistic disciplines. He was often inspired by natural forms – cobwebs, butterfly wings, or fish scales. Kaplický received many awards, including the most prestigious British award for architecture, the Stirling Prize, for the Media Centre at Lord's Cricket Ground in London. Kaplický's most recent designs include the Congress and Concert Hall Centre in České Budějovice and the National Library in Prague. When Jan Kaplický gave a lecture in Prague several years ago, he enumerated ten main aspects of his work. They are as follows: freedom, creativity, people, beauty, elegance, plasticity, sensuality, colour, innovation, and inspiration. He attained fame with two iconic buildings, namely the Media Centre at Lord's Cricket Ground in London and the Selfridges department store in Birmingham.

'Jan Kaplický: His Own Way' is intended to present the personality and work of the artist in the broadest context, from architectural models to jewellery and fashion.