25. November 2017 to 11. March 2018

Transformation is the title given to this retrospective exhibition of more than 100 works by the Spanish multimedia artist Francesca Martí. Curated by Pilar Ribal & Kees van Twist, this show reveals the creative approach and research undertaken by one of Europe’s most innovative artists, both in the sphere of the traditional art languages and in the domain of new technologies. The artist’s works go beyond the limits of painting and sculpture to explore photography, performance and video art as dynamic mediums. Her deep and engaged reflection on human emotions, ideals, different cultural backgrounds and common universal challenges are expressed in her thematic series of artworks since 1999, including The Fly, Movements & Soul, Tears, Crystal, Scream, Planet of Fusions, Cities in a Crooked Line, The Wall and Migrants.

Incorporating individual dreams and a desire for the opportunity for collective change, Transformation emphasizes the realities of mixing and melting different concepts and creative strands together. The potent idea of exchange and the symbiosis of the old with the new, unify the projects installed in this exhibition. Different visual analogies promote the same message of goodwill and good faith. The importance of self-awareness and our acceptance of cultural differences as part of a rich heritage we all share, are among the most meaningful subjects proposed by Martí’s retrospective. This is the true meaning of fusion: the combination of knowledge and experiences refined into a social process that might help to lead humanity to peace.

Pilar Ribal