23 March 2002 – 31 May 2002  

Emilie Brzezinski perceives wood as a sculptural material creating part of nature. Initially, she developed her figurative concepts in wood, shaping it into human semblance, seeking alternatives to its natural forms. Grad ually, her sculptures acquired natural forms and the wood retained its naturalness. Her sculptures soar as mysterious totems on a mission. Although their surface is sometimes hollowed quite thinly, they are very impressive. Their slightly curved bodies seem to rotate around their non-existent axes. She achieved a minimal form: its monumentality may recall Rodin’s Balzac draped in a cloak. As a parallel to the greatness of the human spirit, she chiselled in her walking Forest the grandeur of the spirit of nature – a space for silent meditation. Consisting of 38 massive trunks of a large variety of wood, the installation shows a diversity of nature, cultivated and damaged by human intervention, yet preserving its inner essence.

 Curatork: Meda Mládek