2. June 2017 to 3. September 2017

Dorota Sadovská has worked with a wide spectrum of media and themes. This exhibition entitled Žlté objatie (Yellow Embrace) features her new installation and new additions to the previously addressed issue of saints in the contemporary context. Visitors to Danubiana will have a chance to enter the spatial installation as if in an actual “embrace”.

Sadovská diligently searches for balance between opposites, the interface of encounters with diversity. She feels best In the interface (V rozhraní), which was also the title of her doctoral thesis which she defended in 2004. Painting continues to be a sought after gallery object, and Sadovská considers the meaning of each painting before placing it in a specific space. Paintings not only intervene in the space, they also create a new sculptural space along with obstacles, open possibilities and instructions for visitors on how to move around them. An embrace can be understood here as a kind of acceptance into the interior of a specific situation in the spirit of the words of Thomas Merton – saints do not find sinners offensive.

From the beginning of her career, Sadovská has worked with painting as well as installations, spatial objects, performance and interactive digital projects. In her approach and consistent reflection of the surrounding world we can read deep and topical themes such as good and extinction, beauty and repulsion, digital manipulation and ecology delivered with the required and balanced dosage of irony, thoughtful play with stereotypes (or on stereotypes?) and other ingredients which could be included under the umbrella of social hacking. She presents worn out and old things in a new and fresh way. Either with a brush in her hand, real grass on her head or a robot in a gallery controlled by a cell phone. In the summer in yellow.

In 2016, the Nedbalka Gallery in Bratislava published the book entitled Anjeli a svätí (The Angels and the Saints) with original texts by Ivan Štrpka, Peter Repka, Katarína Bajcurová, Jarmila Bencová, Lucia Miklošková and Zora Rusinová to accompany the exhibited cycle.

Mgr. Zuzana Duchová, PhD.