Colour - Joy - Picture

Ilona Keserü Ilona (H)
15. January 2009 to 20. March 2010

Since 1963 Keserü's painting has developed continually within the method of work with colour as a material, and with light on the level of dynamic and intuitive expression. Thus her works display a unique sensitivity and synesthesia. The work of Ilona Keserü Ilona shown at her exhibitions of collected works is usually divided into periods and groups. However, this arrangement is disrupted by the consecutive works from which the artist creates every single piece as a consequence of the previous.

Since the inception, Ilona Keserü Ilona has drawn on her own experiences. She consciously achieves the universality of her artistic expression, exploiting at the same time her own colour range resulting from her experience in painting. Reducing the moments of her life to their essence and pure energy enhanced by colour, matter, line, motion, rhythm and dynamics, she transforms them into optical phenomena. The artist presents her experiences to the viewer, endowing them with monumentality and magical power and creating pictures expressing the joy of colour springing from the subconscious gesture of organic being.