Bert Loerakker -- Paintings and Monotypes 2001 - 2009

The exhibition of the Dutch painter Bert Loerakker (1948, Breda) is presenting a survey of the artist’s paintings and prints from the recent period. Loerakker is a versatile artist and he also works as a curator, teacher, adviser and organiser of exhibitions.

The exhibition will be a unique event because his paintings and prints have not been presented in this way before. Conceived in diptychs, his work has developed on two artistically contrasting levels. On the first he works with figurative motifs largely inspired by landscape. These pictures range from the pictorial dialogue with impressionist and expressionist forms to the latest forms of abstract art. He uses light expertly and generously applies paint with the palette-knife. The second line develops the formal language of geometry, thus reacting to various stages of the development of geometric abstraction. The resulting diptych is composed of pictures of both concepts, while the contrasts accomplish themselves in small detail. The reaction can be found in the style and colour composition or in the overall impact. It is not only an unexpected form of presentation, but also of the pictorial concept called "absolute need" by the artist.