ALEXEJ VOJTÁŠEK United by Colours

6. december 2003 – 5. marec 2004 

Alexej Vojtášek was trained by the well-known graphic artist Albín Brunovský; hence his confidence in drawing and the refined treatment of line. Graphic art became the pillar of his work in other areas. He currently works in three disciplines: painting, graphic art and sculpture. It is difficult to determine which of them has a dominant position; he has achieved comparable results in all three disciplines. The title of the exhibition suggests the artist’s preference for painting. However, he interprets the meaning of this collocation symbolically. Although colours unite, every artist and historical period treats colours differently. Vojtášek travels in time, using the symbolism of his paintings, evoking the cultural layers on which new concepts are based. He acknowledges borrowings from classical antiquity, the Renaissance and the decorativeness of fin de siècle, evolving them into a new system of signs. The symbolism of his idiom oscillates between the stylised figure and geometric codes derived from quadrangular and pyramidal forms. He further treats colour surfaces, adding linear elements, signs, references to scriptural records and painting structures. Relief surfaces of paintings, impasto, sand and metal parts refer to sculpture, another area of his work. His sculptures are delicate objects made from brass, stone and granite penetrated by streams of air and light.

Curator: Vladimír Beskid