Svetozár Ilavský (SK)

1958 Bratislava, Slovakia

Ilavský represents the middle generation that deserves credit for the transformation of the character of Slovak art in the mid-1980s, and for the disintegration of stereotypical structures. However, he is not solely concerned with painting. His intrinsic nature and artistic reflection rank him among multimedia artists. He is also a trained musician and composer. His work is often concretely associated with the world of music.

Many of his works integrate his own musical elements into the overall composition of the work, and have the audio-visual effect. Initially, the basic direction of his work was influenced by his encounter with aleatoric music by John Cage that opened for him fascinating possibilities for artistic work with the category of ‘chance’. The principle of chance is closely associated with his intrinsic nature, which, in contrast to rationality, avows emotional and spontaneous work in artistic means. His exploration is connected with permanent experimentation and radical transformation of the traditional picture. By layering paint, using assemblage and creating relief surfaces, he integrates space; by activating acoustic and light elements he is directed towards intermedia projects. Using other non-traditional procedures, such as burning, perforation of the base combined with Art Informel abstract painting, Gestural painting and calligraphy, Ilavský achieved a suggestive artistic statement in which he updates mystical and transcendental values. The integration of space in objects and multimedia projects directed the artist towards sculptural work. His delicate walking figures stylistically correspond to the graphic handwriting of his spatial works.