Rudolf Sikora (SK)

17.4.1946, Žilina, Slovakia


Rudolf Sikora was born on April 17, 1946 in Žilina. He has been one of the most original figures of Slovak visual art since the early 1970s. During the Normalisation period he was active in the unofficial – alternative art scene. On his own initiative, the 1st Open Studio was held at 32 Tehelná Street in Bratislava (November 19, 1970), heralding the arrival of a strong generation of conceptual artists. He also initiated a meeting at the Slovak Arts Association on November 19, 1989, at which the Public against Violence movement was founded. For a short period he was politically active, and since then he has been an ardent (and critical) commentator of politics. He co-founded the Syzýgia group (1988). Sikora studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava under Prof. Dezider Milly and Prof. Peter Matejka (1963 – 1969), and was professor in the Department of Painting (1990 – 2004) there. He has been teaching at the Faculty of Arts of the University of Technology in Košice since then. He lives in Bratislava.


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