Robert Doisneau (FR)

1912 Paris, France
1994, Paris, France


Robert Doisneau
Born in 1912 in a northern suburb of Paris, Robert Doisneau grew up in a Petit bourgeois world he never really loved but from which he never completely detached himself. After finishing his studies he became a draughtsman at Atelier Ullman. In 1931 he was engaged as an assistant by André Vigneau. In 1934 he was employed at the Renault factories: he left this job in 1939 to join the celebrated Rapho photography agency. Between engagements he roamed the streets of Paris and the suburb where he was born. Thanks to the intellectual Robert Giraud, whom he met in 1947, he gained access to the night life of a world which was far from his own and, perhaps for this very reason, completely fascinated him. His first book, a joint project with Blaise Cendrars, La Banlieu de Paris, was published in 1949. Success soon followed; his photos became known all over the world and perhaps reluctantly, he became, the “portraitist” of a city, Paris, and of a world part real, part invented, in which it would be beautiful to live. Until 1994, the year of his demise, he lived with his camera as his constant companion, curious about this little theatre in which he was an actor.


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