Ayako Rokkaku (JP)

1982 Chiba


The Japanese painter Ayako Rokkaku was born in 1982 in the Tokyo prefecture of Chiba. She lives and works in Tokyo, Berlin and Amsterdam. Rokkaku began to paint in 2002 as a self-taught painter. In 2006 she presented her work at the art fair GESAI 4 and won the SCOUT PRIZE. Since then she has been exhibiting in Europe. The meeting with Takashi Murakami who involved her in animated projects was of great importance for her. She cooperated with the frontman of the world renowned group 54-71 Kenharo Kawagu on the project About Us, and won the prestigious Akio Goto Prize at GESAI 9.


2003 group exhibition, Tokyo, Japan
2004 group exhibition, Tokyo, Japan
2005 group exhibition, Tokyo, Japan
         group exhibition, Tokyo, Japan
2006 group exhibition, Tokyo, Japan
         GEISAI 4, 9, Tokyo Big Sight, Tokyo, Japan
         Project Volta 02, Art Fair, Basel, Switzerland
         group exhibition, Tokyo, Japan
         GEISAI 10, Tokyo Big Sight, Tokyo, Japan
         AYKO ROKKAKU. GALERIE AAA, Paris, France
2007 Walking around Clouds. Gallery Delaive,
         Amsterdam, Netherdands
         AYKO ROKKAKU Galerie Moderne, Silkeborg, Denmark
         Rokkaku Ayako Exhibition, Galerie Teo, Tokyo, Japan
2008 AYKO ROKKAKU. Galerie Wild, Frankfurt, Germany
         GIRLS IN VIVID WORLD. Gallery Micah, Seoul, South Korea
2009 Ayako Rokkaku. San Carlo Gallery, Milan, Italy
         Girl in Moment, Guy Peters Gallery, Knokke-Heist, Belgium
2010 animation project “About Us”, Gallery Delaive, Amsterdam, Netherlands
         animation project “About Us”, Gallery Vacant, Tokyo, Japan
         participation in Manga in Amsterdam, Willem Kerseboon&Contemporary Art. Amsterdam, Netherlands
2011 Colours in My Hand, Kunsthal Museum, Rotterdam, Netherlands
         Recent Works. Gallery Delaive, Amsterdam, Netherlands
2012 participation in Art Fair TEFAF. Maastricht, Netherlands
         Where the Smell Comes From. Danubiana Meulensteen Art Museum, Bratislava, Slovakia


23.09.2012 to 09.12.2012